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Friday, October 10, 2008

ACORN Voter Fraud Is Widespread

The group that is stumping for Barack Obama and whom Barack Obama taught for, worked for and represented, has a long line of voter fraud behind it. It's no wonder the Obama campaign has resorted to lying about Obama's relationship with this law-breaking group.

For those of you who would like to see the research:

1 Voter, 72 Registrations: 'ACORN Paid Me In Cash & Cigs'
Jeane MacIntosh
New York Post
October 10, 2008

Missouri Officials Suspect Fake Voter Registration
Bill Draper
Associated Press
October 8, 2008

Local 2 Investigates Dead Voters
KPRC Local
October 8, 2008

ACORN Office In Vegas Raided In Voter-Fraud Probe
Oskar Garcia
Associated Press Writer
October 7, 2008

More Milwaukee Voter Fraud... Name That Party?
Warner Todd Huston
September 1, 2008

Voter Registration Fraud In Florida
Judicial Watch Blog
September 29, 2008

ACORN Fraud in New Mexico Again
Clarice Feldman
American Thinker
September 17, 2008

More ACORN Fraud (What Else Is New?)
Clarice Feldman
American Thinker
September 14, 2008

Another Voter Fraud Investigation For ACORN
Patrick Casey
American Thinker
August 28, 2008

Missing Headlines: Leftwing Voter Fraud Guilty Plea
Ed Lasky
The American Thinker
October 31, 2007

A Voter Named Abortion Alternative Registered In Missouri
Clarice Feldman
The American Thinker
November 5, 2006

Fraud Alleged In St. Louis Voter Sign-Up

Jeff Douglas
Associated Press Writer
October 11, 2006

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