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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Sexist Campaign From The Left: Tee-Shirts That Say "Sarah Palin Is A ..."

Care to guess what word they used? Take a look at this picture:

Now, if you were a Democrat, would you want fellow your Democrats talking about your wife, daughter or mother that way?

This irrational hatred of Sarah Palin has taken the Women's movement back several steps. It used to be that all those "tolerant" people on the left would accuse Conservatives of promoting negative images of women or of judging according to sex rather than ability.

Well, today the Democrats are blatently doing exactly what they've accused the Republicans of for the past 30 years. I guess that means the Democrats are saying it's okay to use derogatory terms to refer to women. At least, I have yet to hear about or read anything from the DNC or the Obama Campaign condemning such behavior.

There is a word for the actions of Democrats like Steve Sims, Kristy Benjamin, Lindsey Hager, Drew Forni, and Lindsay Woods (the five pictured in the above image): chutzpuh.

I don't ever again want to hear one little peep from any Democrat accusing me of being any kind of sexist ever again!


Turns out that this tee-shirt is also depicted on barack Obama's website. I guess Barack Obama approves of the sexist message:

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