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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Result Of Leftist Policies: Californians Flee For A Better Life

When people are unable to vote for the change they need at the ballot box, they will vote with their feet, that is, they will move to another area where they feel they can better achieve their personal goals and dreams.

What could be going on that people are doing this? Lots of things and all of them bad.

The state of California is experiencing a situation in which people are voting with their feet. For the fourth fiscal year in a row, California has experienced a net loss in population thorugh interstate migration.

According to Michael Blood of the Associated Press:

Mike Reilly spent his lifetime chasing the California dream. This year he's going to look for it in Colorado.

With a house purchase near Denver in the works, the 38-year-old engineering contractor plans to move his family 1,200 miles away from his home state's lemon groves, sunshine and beaches. For him, years of rising taxes, dead-end schools, unchecked illegal immigration and clogged traffic have robbed the Golden State of its allure.

Is there something left of the California dream?

"If you are a Hollywood actor," Reilly says, "but not for us."

Nobody wants to live in an area where more of their hard-earned money gets confiscated by the government or where their children must attend schools that put politics above education or where illegal aliens drive down the average worker's wages with a willingness to work for less.

California is typical of what happens when tax-and-spend Democrats have control of the legislative process. The economy in the Golden State is shrinking due to many factors, not the least of which is that the state government keeps levying higher taxes. The net effect of the high taxes is that wages and salaries have gone down while the cost of living has gone up. People don't want to live under those conditions if they don't have to.


Why are so many looking for an exit?

Among other things: California's unemployment rate hit 8.4 percent in November, the third-highest in the nation, and it is expected to get worse. A record 236,000 foreclosures are projected for 2008, more than the prior nine years combined, according to research firm MDA DataQuick. Personal income was about flat last year.

With state government facing a $41.6 billion budget hole over 18 months, residents are bracing for higher taxes, cuts in education and postponed tax rebates. A multibillion-dollar plan to remake downtown Los Angeles has stalled, and office vacancy rates there and in San Diego and San Jose surpass the 10.2 percent national average.

Median housing prices have nose-dived one-third from a 2006 peak, but many homes are still out of reach for middle-class families. Some small towns are on the brink of bankruptcy. Normally recession-proof Hollywood has been hit by layoffs.

"You see wages go down and the cost of living go up," Reilly says. His property taxes will be $1,300 in Colorado, down from $4,300 on his three-bedroom house in Nipomo, about 80 miles up the coast from Santa Barbara.

That's a pretty serious drop in property tax rate and a major reason why so many people are trying to leave the state.

Oh, and the state with the second highest loss in population? New York, another Democrat run tax-and-spend state.

Take a good look at California, folks. It is a preview of what the entire United States will be facing as the socialist-leaning Barack Obama and the socialist-leaning Democrat controlled Congress enact their leftist policies on us all.

If California is an accurate indicator, Obama and Company will be leading us into the Second Great Depression.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Exodus: Californians Flee For A Better Life
Michael Blood
Associated Press via The Morning Call
January 13, 2009

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