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Friday, January 9, 2009

Al Franken Funny Business: The Dems Stealing Of The Minnesota Senatorial Seat

It looks like the Dems have succeeded in stealing another election. Adding to their success at stealing the Washington State Gubernatorial race in 2004, they have now successfully stolen a Minnesota Senate seat.

This should be a grave concern to all Americans about how the democratic process will play out in the future. Do you like having your vote stolen away from you? Do you like being disenfranchised by voter fraud organizations such as ACORN? Do you like Democrat controlled boards and courts selecting your candidate despite your vote to the contrary?

You need to answer these questions for yourself and then dedicate yourself to doing something about it. Right now, it looks like a foul-mouthed clown in Al Franken is going to be a U.S. Senator thanks to the efforts of lawyers and judges who are sympathetic to leftist Democrats, despite Norm Coleman's clear victory on Election Day.

Writing for Town Hall, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann have a few observations you should be aware of:

The recount actually wants to count ballots in twenty-five precincts that would bring the total of votes cast higher than the actual number of people who voted!

And how could the people running the recount come to a total that is higher than the number of people who voted on Election Day? They are counting votes twice. And who do you think those double votes are going to? Al Franken.


In Ramsey County, 177 more votes have been counted than people who voted on Election Day. The canvassing board, in effect, is admitting that it is counting fraudulent, duplicate ballots! In some cases absentee ballots, particularly from troops serving overseas, have been counted. In other cases, not. One ballot, on which Franken was crossed out and replaced by "Frankenstein" was counted as a Democratic vote.

Clearly, the Democrats will do anything to "find" votes, even votes that were not properly cast or even cast at all.

Apparently, when a ballot was challenged, a copy was made to facilitate examination. But, in many cases, the canvasser failed to label the ballot as a duplicate. Then, in the recount, all the ballots were counted, ensuring that the challenged vote was not only counted, but counted twice.

What makes all of this suspicious in the extreme is that each of these errors inured to Franken's advantage and eroded Coleman's election night lead until the Democrat could claim victory.

And let's not forget the ballots that were found in a pollster's car as well as other statistical "errors" that were "discovered" after Election Day. Oh, and also let's not forget that the same courts that allowed the Franken campaign to have these votes counted denied the Coleman campaign from getting their own challenged votes counted.

As Josef Stalin said: "It does not matter who casts the votes. It only matters who counts the votes."

Norm Coleman won this election and the Democrats came in after the buzzer to try and steal it. It looks like they will succeed with the theft.

Be very concerned about this, America. Be very concerned.

You can access the complete column on-line here:

Franken's Funny Business
Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
January 7, 2009

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