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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Leftist Double-Standard Against The Jews

If leftists didn't have double-standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all. The typical leftist (socialist, communist, Democrat, etc.) usually holds very low standards for their own kind while holding their political opponents to much higher standards. For example, leftists were all over Florida Rep. Mark Foley for the lewd text massages he was exchanging with Congressional pages, but felt that there was absolutely nothing wrong when Rep. Barney Frank ran a gay prostitution ring out of his Washington D.C. apartment.

That's a prime example of the double-standard.

The latest example of left-wing hypocrisy comes from Hamas firing rockets that deliberately targeted Israeli civilians for which Israel had to act in self-defense and target Hamas sites in Gaza.

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Rabbi Marvin Hier spells out clearly and conscisely exactly what the double-standards are and show how arrogant those leftists are who hold them. From his column:

Just look at the spate of attacks this week on Jews and Jewish institutions around the world: a car ramming into a synagogue in France; a Chabad menorah and Jewish-owned shops sprayed with swastikas in Belgium; a banner at an Australian rally demanding "clean the earth from dirty Zionists!"; demonstrators in the Netherlands chanting "Gas the Jews"; and in Florida, protestors demanding Jews "Go back to the ovens!"


At the U.N., no surprise, this double-standard is in full force. In response to Israel's attack on Hamas, the Security Council immediately pulled an all-night emergency meeting to consider yet another resolution condemning Israel. Have there been any all-night Security Council sessions held during the seven months when Hamas fired 3,000 rockets at half a million innocent civilians in southern Israel? You can be certain that during those seven months, no midnight oil was burning at the U.N. headquarters over resolutions condemning terrorist organizations like Hamas. But put condemnation of Israel on the agenda and, rain or shine, it's sure to be a full house.

Exactly. The leftists in the U.N. are perfectly okay with the terrorist organization Hamas launching rockets at Israeli civilians, but will not tolerate Israel defending itself from such terrorist attacks.


Red Cross officials are all over the Gaza crisis, describing it as a full-blown humanitarian nightmare. Where were they during the seven months when tens of thousands of Israeli families could not sleep for fear of a rocket attack? Where were their trauma experts to decry that humanitarian crisis?

There have been hundreds of articles and reports written from the Erez border crossing falsely accusing Israel of blocking humanitarian supplies from reaching beleaguered Palestinians in Gaza. (In fact, over 520 truck loads of humanitarian aid have been delivered through Israeli crossings since the beginning of the Israeli counterattack.) But how many news articles, NGO reports and special U.N. commissions have investigated Hamas's policy of deliberately placing rocket launchers near schools, mosques and homes in order to use innocent Palestinians as human shields?

That is the hallmark of an Islamic terrorist: no concern for anyone's safety, not even their own people. Hamas has no interest in defending Palestinians. Their only interest is gaining power for themselves, even if it means doing that which will kill their own.

Does the rest of the world see this? No! They only feel their own hatred for Israel and the Jews. So much so, that they will make every effort to ensure that Israel's enemies have the time and resources to rest and re-arm for the next round of terrorist strikes.

Rabbi Hier goes on:

And then there are the clarion calls for a cease-fire. These words, which come so easily, have proven to be a recipe for disaster. Hamas uses the cease-fire as a time-out to rearm and smuggle even more deadly weapons so the next time, instead of hitting Sderot and Ashkelon, they can target Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The pattern is always the same. Following a cease-fire brought on by international pressure, there will be a call for a massive infusion of funds to help Palestinians recover from the devastation of the Israeli attack. The world will respond eagerly, handing over hundreds of millions of dollars. To whom does this money go? To Hamas, the same terrorist group that brought disaster to the Palestinians in the first place.

Blame for the Gaza crisis rests solely and squarely on the heads of Hamas. Were it not for their irrational hatred of the Jews and their brazen terrorist attacks against innocent civilians, it would not have been necessary for Israel to rise in defense of herself.

As Golda Meir once said: ""There will be peace in the Middle East when the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews"."

You can access the complete article on-line here:

The Jews Face A Double Standard
Rabbi Marvin Hier
The Wall Street Journal
January 8, 2009

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