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Monday, November 17, 2008

Three Lies Told By Barack Obama During The Campaign

First: Barack Obama claims that his relationship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers went no further than Ayers being "a guy who lives in my neighborhood." Well, Bill Ayers himself does not agree with Barack Obama on this.

Rex W. Huppke of the Chicago Tribune has this to say:

In a new afterword to his memoir, 1960s radical William Ayers describes himself as a "family friend" of President-elect Barack Obama ...

A "new afterward." Not an old one, but a new one. Sounds like Ayers was at least a little more than some guy who lived in the Obama's neighborhood.

Second: Barack Obama claimed that he never knew that the pastor at his church was a racist hate-monger. But back in 2004, he told a different story. According the Cybercast News Service:

[An interview was conducted] on March 27, 2004 by Chicago Sun-Times religion writer Cathleen Falsani for a story on Obama’s faith, but the interview was not released in its entirety until now.

“One of the churches that I became involved in was Trinity United Church of Christ,” Obama said in the interview. “And the pastor there, Jeremiah Wright, became a good friend. So I joined that church and committed myself to Christ in that church.”

Obama began attending the church in 1988 and formally joined Trinity in 1992. Falsani asked, “Do you still attend Trinity?”

Obama answered, “Yep. Every week. 11 o’clock service. Ever been there? Good service.

Anyone care to guess why that interview was put under wraps? Probably because it would have exposed Barack Obama as a race-baiting liar.

Third: The Obama campaign claimed that they would move away from lobbyists as he brought "change" to Washington D.C. Well, that promised change was a lie.

One of the people brought on-board by Obama is Mark Gitenstein, a lobbyists who engineered a twelve million dollar contract with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and promoted Boeing and General Dynamics. More recently, he lobbied for AT&T, Merrill Lynch, KPMG and Ernst & Young. (Bailout anyone?)

Look at the other lobbyists Obama is bringing into his fold. According to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

  • Ron Klain - Joe Biden’s chief of staff, had lobbied for Fannie Mae on “regulatory matters” until 2004, when the fraud got uncovered after years of Congressional interference with regulators. Klain also lobbied for companies defending asbestos lawsuits and for ImClone, the drugmaker that faced charges of fraud.

  • John Podesta - The man running Obama’s transition spent the last few years lobbying for the far-Left group Center for American Progress.

  • Patrick Gaspard - Lobbied on health care issues on behalf of the SEIU, now associate personnel director for the transition team

Podesta has an even more interesting tie to lobbying. Bill Clinton enacted a five-year ban on former White House staffers lobbying present and future administrations in order to curtail influence peddling. However, after George Bush won in 2000, Clinton rescinded the order to help his staffers get jobs in the wake of the Republican sweep to victory. The man who helped write the revocation? John Podesta.

Once, Barack Obama spoke against lobbyists. Now, he has surrounded himself with them. And no, I don't believe he is emulating Jesus who surrounded himslef with sinners in an effort to redeem them. This Obama administration is all about power, not redemption.

You can access the stories on-line here:

Bill Ayers: Barack Obama A 'Family Friend'
Rex W. Huppke
Chicago Tribune
November 13, 2008

Despite Campaign Claim, Obama Told Paper He Attended Trinity Church ‘Every Week’
Fred Lucas
November 13, 2008

Lobbyists In Key Positions In Team Obama Transition Team
Ed Morrissey
November 15, 2008

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