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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Redemption: McCain At CPAC

I admit, I've been hard on John McCain in this blog. But, can you really blame me?

It is difficult to put trust into someone who doesn't have a track record consistent with their plans. With John McCain, it is diffcult to trust that he will try to make the 2001 Tax Cuts permanent since he originally voted against them. It is difficult to trust that he cares about national security because he favored an open borders policy and amnesty plan. It is difficult to trust that he favors free speech because of McCain-Feingold. It is difficult to trust he would put a Constitutionalist on the Supreme Court because of his involvement with the Gang of 14.

No, I wouldn't blame anyone who was very skeptical of John McCain becoming the de facto leader of the GOP.

Ken Blackwell is taking a look at Sen. John McCain's speech to be given to the Conservatice Political Action Convention (CPAC) today and how it might help or hinder his candidacy. It will all come down to themes and embracing of Republican values for the Senator. But Ken writes something very profound here:

Mr. McCain needs to embrace his own party. He must tell conservatives that he cares about their concerns and that he will fight for these principles. If Mr. McCain does, he may find that there is another value conservatives hold dear: Redemption. If he does not, millions will stay home, even if the Democratic nominee is Hillary Clinton. Disdain for Mrs. Clinton can carry the GOP base only so far.

CPAC could not come at a better time for John McCain. He needs to make the most of it.

Exactly! Right on the money!

I've been saying this for a long time. It is for the Party to come back to us, not for us to follow the Party. The question is, can John McCain bring the Party back to us? Will he even try?

You can access the complete column on-line here:

Redemption: McCain At CPAC
Ken Blackwell
February 7, 2008

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