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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Petition For A Contract With Conservatives

Remember the "Contract With America" that brought the Republicans into power in 1994? It was a good idea at the time and served its purpose. But over the years, the GOP members of Congress forgot that contract and became drunk with power. So drunk, that in 2006, the American people decided that enough was enough.

Well, it is time for Conservatives to renew their dedication to those principles that we claim to hold so dear.


The party of Ronald Reagan -- a collection of social and fiscal conservatives -- saw all their work come together with the Republican Revolution of 1994. Republicans came to power through their dedication to core, conservative principles.

Since that time, the conservative base has seen the Republican Party go astray. From runaway spending, to big government programs, to assaults on our First Amendment rights to amnesty for illegal aliens, conservatives have become disheartened, and the time has come for dramatic change.

America can thrive under conservative leadership and government. The Republican Party is best equipped to deliver this kind of leadership, but too often, it has not. The time has come when conservative voters can no longer be taken for granted. Conservatives need something more than simple assurances. For our time, effort, money, and votes, we need a pledge. We need a pledge from our presidential nominee to uphold the core Republican values that built this party, and which have taken a backseat to politics in recent years.

The Contract with Conservatives is that pledge. It is a pledge to uphold the major conservative ideals that have been pushed aside over the past decade.

We, the undersigned, will support our presidential nominee and other candidates for high office, only if they uphold the Contract with Conservatives.

It is time to get back to basics. The conservative base will work for candidates who pledge to uphold conservative values.

Here is what the Contract entails:

  • Secure America's borders
  • Enforce employment laws
  • No amnesty
  • Make President Bush's tax cuts permanent
  • Reduce taxes, both on business and individuals
  • Simplify the tax code by moving to a flat tax or the Fair Tax
  • No favorites -- All tax cuts should be across the board
  • Reduce the size of the federal government
  • Reform entitlement programs
  • Respect states' rights and limit the reach of the federal government as stated in the Constitution
  • Cut spending
  • Support a balanced budget amendment
  • Eliminate earmarks and support stand-alone spending bills
  • Vigorously nominate and support the confirmation of judges who follow the law, not those who legislate from the bench
  • Wage a real fight against left-wing attempts to block judicial nominees
  • Respect the rights of the unborn and promote laws which will protect innocent human life
  • Support the overturning of Roe v. Wade
  • Block any efforts to fund or promote embryonic stem cell research
  • Repeal the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act
  • Embrace First Amendment rights

If you believe in these ideas, please visit the following link and sign the petition:

Supporting The Contract With Conservatives

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