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Friday, September 24, 2010

Democrat Violence Against Private Citizen Caught On Video

The next time a Democrat tries to say that they abhor violence and are the most tolerant and peace-loving group in the nation and that they staunchly support the First Amendment, remember the following video:

Video Of Activist Thugs Attacking A Private Citizen Exercizing His First Amendment Right

Democrats are encouraged to reply and tell us how they feel about the assaults that occured in this video.

I would classify this as a hate crime since the two Democrats in question clearly hated the man they attacked.

Further, I have two questions: 1) Why invite the public to a forum where you will be making comments you do not want recorded? 2) Where is the condemnation of these two thugs by Governor Kitzhaber?


Anonymous said...

I think the underlying problem is not even being addressed. Since Barack Hussein Obama was elected, the blacks in the country believe that they can do whatever they want to to "Whitey". The laws don't apply to them because their Muslim terrorist President has empowered them to commit crimes.

This is a hate crime. It's common knowledge amongst normal folks that blacks in the US feel like the white man owes them something. The 2008 election was supposed to bring togetherness and serenity to this nation but instead we get hate crimes and lies and deception.

If you are a God fearing Christian, this video will make you vote Republican come November!

Meeso Orni

Anonymous said...

Your argument is very weak and sensationalistic. You need to prove that those men were, in fact, Democrats. You failed to do so. Maybe you are just merely concluding that blacks equate to Democrats, but that's not the case. Please don't make suppositions without proof for you are hurting those of us who actually support our first ammendment rights. Second, the ex-Governor was making a speech. I don't see why he should stop what he's doing just so one of our guys can make a point. We need to look at the big picture and not our myopic perspective.

I like reading your blog, but your post sounds like a white supremist. I expect more from you.

Jack Meyhoff

Anonymous said...

I don't see it as someone that's had their first amendment rights taken away from them. I disagree with his premise that videotaping is a first amendment right. I'm an attorney, and I know of no court rulings that protects videotaping a political event in a faith center/church. If anything, I see someone that was trying to prove a point and was scratched as a result.

Haywood J'Blomi

84rules said...


The invitations were for the GENERAL PUBLIC to attend. I know of no court rulings that prohibit or even allows the prohibition of the video-taping of a speech at an event to which the GENERAL PUBLIC has been invited. As such, there was no supportable reason for those two thugs to demand that the videotaping be stopped and certainly no reason for them to commit assault and battery on the man doing the taping.