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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Canadian Human Rights Commission: One Of The Most Hypocritical Organizations In North America

Mark Steyn is a pistol. He has no problem pointing out the idiots and fools in any crowd, regardless of what meaningless insults those idiots and fools throw back at him.

The latest batch of foolish idiots to be highlighted by Mr. Steyn are the members of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. You remember them, don't you? They are the kangaroo courts who prosecute thoughtcrimes in Canada on behalf of Big Brother.

But, as Napoleon Pig pointed out, some perpetrators of thoughtcrime are more equal than others. Read what Mark has to say in his latest blog entry:

Marc Lebuis (of the excellent Quebec website Point de Bascule) has had his complaint against a Montreal imam, Abou Hammaad Sulaiman Dameus al-Hayiti, rejected by the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission. M Lebuis filed the case to test the consistency of the CHRC: Do they apply their speech codes equally to all Canadians? Or do they just screw over the soft targets who've had the misfortune to catch the eye of serial plaintiff Richard Warman? Well, M Lebuis has his answer. In the eyes of the CHRC's international laughingstock Jennifer Lynch, QC and the rest of the Lynch Mob, not all hatemongers are equal. As the headline in Le Devoir puts it:

Commission canadienne des droits de la personne - S’attaquer aux gais, aux occidentales et aux juifs n’est pas nĂ©cessairement haineux

That's to say, "CHRC: Attacking gays, western women and Jews isn't necessarily hateful." Hey, that's great to know, isn't it? At least if you're an imam. If you're an Alberta pastor opposed to gay marriage, you might want to tread more carefully. Over at Point de Bascule, M Lebuis lists some of the choicer statements from Imam al-Hayiti's book:

* "Homosexuality is a 'perversion'"

* "Homosexuals 'spread disorder on earth'"

* "Homosexuals and lesbians should be 'exterminated in this life'"

* "Homosexuals caught performing sodomy are beheaded..."

* "Most Infidels 'live like animals'"

* "they are evil people, they love perversity," and "they are our enemies..."

* "Men are superior to women and better than them..."

* "This is the reason why ethnic groups are not equal..."

* "It is because of this religion of lies [Christianity], which goes against human nature, that the West is now full of perversity, corruption and adultery..."

* "Jews 'spread corruption and chaos on earth.'"

* "Most Jews 'seek only material goods and money, apart from that, they have nothing...'"

Apparently, these Canadian kangaroo courts are perfectly happy to read and hear about Islamic Imams bashing gays and women and attacking other religions, but if a Christian were to mention anything negative about gays, women or any other religion, then the CHRC is primed up for litigation and legal action as well as smearing the names of those they prosecute, or rather persecute.

Hypocrisy, thy name is leftism.

You can access the original blog entry on-line here:

CHRC: Infidels Are Not A Protected Category
Mark Steyn
December 17, 2008

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