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Friday, May 16, 2008

Senate Blocks ANWR Oil Exploration, McCain Joins The Obstructionists

You know, the main reason I am a McCain supporter is that I look at all issues and weigh the entire situation accordingly. It is something akin to a teacher grading students on their work over an entire semester. The teacher cannot simply give an overall grade based on a few of the assignments. All assignments and work must be taken into consideration.

That is how I look at the Presidential candidates. I look at everything they stand for and decide which one more closely represents my viewpoint. If I had to give them grades, Obama and Clinton would each get an "F" while, at least until yesterday, "B-" is the grade that John McCain would have recieved.

I cannot give Obama and Clinton any lower marks since "F" is the lowest grade on the scale. They still remain failures. But Senator McCain's grade took a major nose-dive recently. He currently stands at "C-" with me.

From E. Ralph Hostetter at NewsMax.com:

The U.S. Senate voted on Tuesday, May 13, to block oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and the offshore areas of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

It is indeed remarkable how quickly the U.S. Senate can organize a negative vote when the issue is of such magnitude and importance to the economy and welfare of the nation.

To reverse the damage this vote has done to America’s energy independence will take months of endless hearings, making certain that every dissident is heard.

The National Center for Policy Analysis also on Tuesday, identified the U.S. Congress as the responsible party for the high price of gasoline and summed it up in this manner: “Over the last 28 years, Democrats in Congress and a few Republicans have again and again opposed our drilling for oil in Alaska’s ANWR; during the past 31 years Congress has repeatedly prevented us from building any new oil refineries; most recently congressional Democrats defeated and discouraged any bill that would let us drill in the deep sea, 100 miles out.”

Gas and oil prices are a simple function of supply and demand. When supply goes down, price goes up. Congress, especially Congressional Democrats and certain misguided Republicans, has done everything in its power to ensure that supply remains low so that prices remain high. It isn't the Oil Companies doing this. It is the liberals.

Thus, average Americans are punished with higher and higher gas prices while members of Congress enjoy the luxury of not having to pay for their own gas. Does Congress care? No, not at all. They all need to be voted out and replaced with people who are familiar with the reality that we are faced with. Our economy is tanking because of high energy prices, especially for gas and diesel. Hearings, leftists politcal agendas and obstructionism are not a part of the solution here.

So, why does John McCain get a lower grade in my book? Here's why:

Apparently all the presidential candidates have expressed their opposition to development of ANWR.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., announced on May 13 that he had missed the vote in the U.S. Senate, but had he been there, he would have voted against further exploration in ANWR.

It would appear as though the majority of present day politicians have no concept of the energy source of 90 percent of America's transport vehicles.

"C-" is his grade thus far. I sincerely hope Senator McCain gets a clue and sees the light before November. Statements like the one he made about ANWR exploration are more likely to keep Republicans home on Election Day.

And that only bodes well for the liberal Dems.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Senate Blocks ANWR Oil Exploration
E. Ralph Hostetter
May 14, 2008

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